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Looking for a boutique Yoga Studio and Cycle Classes in Castle Rock you can call home? Buka Yoga is just the place! We offer traditional hatha yoga and stationary cycle classes. Come join our community where the minute you walk in the door you'll feel like you've part of our family your whole life! 


We are not into the fad yoga classes with high energy music and weights. Buka Yoga is an independent yoga movement... powered by a strong community of yogis...yogis looking for more than just a yoga class. We've been part of the Castle Rock community for over 10 years (previously Ashva Yoga) and truly can call Castle Rock home. Our teachers are highly qualified and passionate about what they teach. No class is the same, we allow our teachers to create classes based on what they practice at home. You'll find an array of types...all focused on connecting you to your breath, your body and spirit. Many of our teachers have been part of this community for multiple years...starting as students before becoming teachers. At Buka we provide alignment based classes in the form of Hatha & Vinyasa yoga. We believe in the power of self healing and offer a variety of practices to help you along the journey through Breathwork, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Ayurveda and workshops.   

We also believe in the power of connecting your breath through movement, not just in a yoga class. Come join us for a cycle class with Cycle Fusion where you'll find a deeper connection to your body, breath and mind. Cycle Fusion provides small, unique cycle classes, following a traditional cycling framework. This no impact class gets your heart rate up, keeps your joints healthy and increases your capacity for breath. 


A practice to quiet the mind by holding poses for longer with the use of props. Engages the parasympathetic nerve to lessen the fight/flight response.

Hatha Yoga

Connecting to your breath, focusing on alignment and mindful movement. Learn about the power your body has. We have Hatha 1, 2 and all levels flow classes. 

Yoga Nidra

Also called "yogic sleep" this guided practice of meditation drops your brain waves to dream like states, focusing on guided instructions by a trained instructor. 
Weekend retreats around Colorado with other self healing seekers. Yoga, vegetarian meals, sound, workshops and lots of time outside. 

Gentle Yoga 

In Gentle Yoga we will develop core support and dynamic alignment moving from seated poses to standing asanas at a gentle pace. Using breath to connect one movement to the next we will practice asanas that restore and rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit.

Cycle Fusion 

This is a no-impact, high-intensity indoor cycling workout that choreographs each drill with energizing music to challenge, motivate and strengthen any fitness level. This is a great addition to training, or if you are looking to increase your fitness activity through a fun class.


Ever wanted to try meditation, but just couldn't sit long enough to really dig deep? Come join us for 30 min donation based meditation on Wednesdays. Donations go to a local charity (Sept & Oct to The Happy Crew!)

Private & Semi Private

We'll customize your teacher and class plan based on your personal needs. Come and try on your own or with a friend or 3. Also includes in home Yoga Nidra  for you and your family! 

Students in the know... 

Q. What kind of clothing do I wear? 

A. For yoga classes, wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing. We move the body so you want to have flexibility to move! 

For cycle, wear cool, wicking clothing and tennis shoes. 

Q. Do I wear shoes for Yoga? 

A. No. We connect our feet to our mats to create a grounding sensation throughout practice. You'll take your shoes off at the front of the studio! 

Q. Do I bring my own mat? 

A. Yes! If you have one. If not, we have mats you can borrow for no extra cost. We also have mats for purchase should you want to take home a high quality mat of your own. 

Q. How do I sign up for a class? 

A. We use MindBody for class bookings. You can find us at Buka Yoga LLC and create an account! 

Q. How early do I show up for class? 

A. We usually recommend showing up 10 to 15 minutes before class starts to find your spot, get your props ready and settle into your mat. 

Q. I'm not very flexible. Can I still practice yoga? 

A. YES!!! Yoga is for every body. Our teachers modify each practice for beginners to more advanced yogis to have proper alignment and feel comfortable in your body. Some classes you might want to try out to start are: 

Gentle Yoga on Saturdays

Beginners Flow on Monday

Restorative Yoga on Sundays

All Levels Flow on Tuesday and Thursdays


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Disclaimer: We require waivers for all new students to practice yoga or cycle. Should you have any medical concerns or questions please reach out to your primary doctor. 

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