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Buka Yoga


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We are a community of yogis...looking to grow and heal together through the power of breathe, meditation, yoga and community. We are founded on community and hope that everyone that comes through our doors finds home. We partner in and around the Castle Rock community to provide yoga and healing services on and off the and out of the studio. Our teachers are truly the best of the best. Our community is one of open understanding, compassion and love. Every-body is welcome in our doors. 

Ready to get started? We're so glad you're here. 

We've recently renovated our space and we're so happy to share it with you! 

Come join Wildmoon Alchemy as Hannah joins us for body work/massage. Snag your unlimited yoga and 1 massage a month (60 or 90 min) plan with the Laughing Moon plan! 

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New Students 
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Purchase our 4 for $40 to try us out! 

*we do not offer free classes


Looking for our retreats? 


Looking to do some self care through workshops? 



Buka means Laughter. 

Our space and teachers are here to support you, wherever you are in your yoga journey. 

Our mission is to touch and impact the life of one human at a time through compassion, love and community.


And we'll have some fun! 


To change the world, one breathe at a time. 

To bring light and love to everyone we meet. 

To see transformation in every soul we come across through the power of love and community. 

To be a community and servant minded group of yogis that are dedicated to making Castle Rock and our surrounding communities better. 


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