Stationary Bikes

State of the art Schwinn Bikes

CycleFusion LLC offers their  state of the art bikes at our studio! Equipped with rider controlled tension, heart rate consoles and a 40 lb weighted fly wheel, you'll gain strength with little to no impact! This is a great practice for individuals who have recently had an injury, looking to build core strength, add cardio to their routine or just enhance their cycle ability. 


Bring your own seat pad if you require extra cushion and bike shorts are always a good idea! Bring either tennis shoes or bike shoes with clips. Our pedals support both. We thoroughly clean our bikes after each use to protect your experience. 

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Fun. Engaging. Small.

Cycle Classes

We offer unique, fun and engaging cycle classes. We keep the classes smaller to help give you personalized care and attention throughout the ride. Your teacher, Traci, cues proper alignment, core stability and takes the time to personalize each bike height (seat, peddles and arm console). Her classes have fun upbeat music and lots of heart rate increase moments to keep you engaged and feeling revitalized. 


Traci has been a teacher of cycle and yoga for over 20 years. Her knowledge in both these practices help align with our studio offerings of yoga by staying connected to the body, mind and soul. We offer 30, 45 and 60 minute classes throughout the week to work with your busy schedule. Limited spots with 7 bikes so sign up early! 

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Traditional cycle

Following the MAD DOGG ATHLETICS® Certification

We believe in the power of the ride. So rather than fluff it up with weights and crazy moves, we keep you on the bike. Using upbeat music with in combination with choreographed drills. You won't be bored with the amazing guidance of Traci and her passion for cycle!