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Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is literally translated as 'Ha' the sun and 'Tha' the moon. This practice is designed to help bring these two energies together...heat and cool. Stable and at ease. Sthira and Suka. 

Hatha Yoga focuses on asana poses (the postures) and breath work to help align the balance between the body and mind. Often practiced slower and more in tune with the alignment of your body, this practice makes yoga accessible for all ages. 

Our classes are rooted in Hatha traditions, building heat up in the body to help allow for deeper transitions into various postures (sometimes called the peak pose). We offer modifications for all levels and encourage the body to open up and release tightness.


All of our All Levels Flow classes are rooted in Hatha traditions, suited for all levels. 

Hatha 1- begins to challenge the body a little more and introduces some fun and challenge poses to keep enhancing the mind and body. Suited for all levels. 

Hatha 2- Looking for more of a challenging class? While suited for all levels, we push the mind and the body a little more to breathe into the pose, build some heat and realize opportunities in our practice we didn't realize were achievable. 

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