Meredith For Real & Buka Yoga

Join me in Pace Flordia! Near Pensacola, we'll be sharing an intention workshop to follow up on Episode 5 on Meredith For Real's podcast.

Local podcaster Meredith for Real & Colorado-based yoga Instructor Brooke Page-Thompson are co-hosting this event to bring to life the podcast episode they recorded together!

Meredith for Real: the curious introvert launched her podcast in November with a mission to inspire curiosity in others. Every Monday she interviews someone who inspires her curiosity & whom she think will inspire yours.

Brooke Page-Thompson is a mid-life crisis survivor who after 15 years working in corporate America, decided to re-launch into a career as a yoga studio owner in Castle Rock, CO. She is now a 200 hour registered teacher, yoga nidra level 2, restorative yoga and Ayurveda level 1 and leads sold out yoga retreats.

Workshop attendees will get insight on intention, create intention statements & visions boards and do a mind mapping exercise based on the four stages of life. The workshop will end with a yoga nidra session.

Yoga Nidra or yogic sleep is a practice used to relieve stress & recover more fully from negative energy & tension. It is lead through a guided meditation with the desired result of increased dopamine release & balance of the autonomic nervous system. The health benefits are equivalent to that of four hours of REM sleep.

The combination of focusing what you want to be, do and have with a guided meditation to release the negative is the perfect re-boot to deflated New Year’s resolutions.

Bring a throw blanket & cut out pictures for your vision board.

$25 before March 20, $30 after that.