Enjoy Online Yoga Classes and Mat Pilates Live Streamed to You 


We are excited to be able to offer you live streamed, online yoga and mat pilates classes! 

We believe in the power of yoga, and we follow the traditional lineages of Hatha, Vinyasa, Yoga Nidra, and Restorative yoga. Our yoga teachers are highly certified and have all trained with some of the most knowledgeable teachers in the industry. 

We believe so much in the power of your yoga practice, that we are honored to bring you online yoga for all of our classes. These are not pre-recorded yoga videos, rather we live stream classes into your home using Zoom as our online platform. Not only does this keep your yoga practice active, it allows our yoga teachers to maintain their practice and teaching routines. Each class is tailored be relevant and in real time, just like being in the yoga studio.  

Buka Yoga | Online Yoga Class
Buka Yoga | Online Yoga Class
Online Yoga Classes Buka Yoga
Online Yoga Classes | Buka Yoga
Buka Yoga | Online Yoga Class
Buka Yoga | Online Yoga Class
Online Yoga Classes Buka Yoga
Buka Yoga | Online Yoga Class
Buka Yoga | Online Yoga Class
Online Yoga Classes_ Buka Yoga
Buka Yoga | Online Yoga Class
Online Yoga Classes | Buka Yoga

How Online Yoga Classes Work

Find a class in our schedule here, register for that class and you’ll receive an email with a link to join that particular class. You will see ONLINE ONLY in the title...these classes will be streamed from our teachers home or the studio depending on if there is an IN STUDIO option for that class as well. 

You will always have the option to share (or not share) your camera… we get it, some days you may want to be a little more incognito. You’ll also have the option to unmute your microphone if you want to talk to your teacher or say hi to your fellow students.

About Yoga & Mat Pilates Classes

We offer a wide range of yoga classes from faster-paced vinyasa flow classes to yin, gentle and restorative yoga classes. Feeling low on energy? Yoga Nidra is guided meditation...literally meaning yogic “sleep”. This practice for 30 minutes can be equivalent of 3 hours of REM sleep. 

Mat Pilates classes offer the chance to generate heat in the body and tone and strengthen the muscles by using your own body weight. Scale up or down based on what you can do. 

About Kids Classes

We offer Kids Yoga throughout the week, giving you and your family a chance to breathe, move, and have a mental break. These classes are 30 minutes long and will help kids burn off some energy and feel good at the same time. This drop in price of $10 up to 2 kids and you! And it is a great way to let your kids get their energy moving and out of the body. Suitable for all ages. 

About Our Teachers

Our yoga teachers are certified through qualified 200-hour programs and aligned with Yoga Alliance standards. Our online yoga classes are designed  for any level of yogi! Learn more about our teachers here

Need Yoga Props?

We help you modify your practice as needed and leverage props as much as we can. If you don’t have props at home… we’ll help you get creative! For example, beach towels can be folded to substitute for yoga blankets and bolsters. Belts can work as great yoga straps. And hardcover books can substitute for yoga blocks. Folding chairs are also nice props to have for restorative and gentle yoga classes for gentle inversions and balance.

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Disclaimer: We require waivers for all new students to practice yoga or cycle. Should you have any medical concerns or questions please reach out to your primary doctor. 

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