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Written by Sarah Gillespie

“Maybe you have heard of this idea of clean living and have wanted to learn more, but just haven’t had the time to dig into it. And let’s be honest, it can be so overwhelming at first! Often people are not sure where to begin. You are not alone! I like to think of myself as the person people can turn to to help them navigate the journey toward clean living. I help people lead healthier lives by educating and sharing safer solutions so they can reduce their body’s toxic burden.” Sarah

Clean Living Workshop Series 

Do you take good care of your body through movement, yet still lack the energy you once had? Are you doing well with both nutrition and movement, yet aren’t getting the health results you feel you should? Are you overwhelmed with all the “clean” products on the shelves anymore and just don’t know what is safe or not? 

Well, this Clean Living Workshop Series is for you! Join Sarah Gillespie, certified health coach & wellness advocate for this 4 part series workshop! She has over 15 years of working in health + wellness,  and she has seen the missing link in her clients’ wellness journey. In fact, it was her own health journey and the healing she has experienced over the last 17 years that led her to helping others with this exact thing.

Fall is a time for letting go and we kick things off in October. We cullminate everything just before the holidays start in November. What better time to join can come for either individual sessions, or all 4. Come learn some basics on clean living, learn about some free resources available, as well as some safe swaps you can start to implement right away!

You can join individual sessions for $25/each or join us for all 4 for $85! At each session, you will walk away feeling empowered and will even get leave with a fun clean living item. 

October 05 @ 12-2pm- Clean Living 101

What you need to know about the facts about harmful toxins in our environment and what we can begin to do about it. I am all about solutions and not making this feel like doom and gloom. You will walk away feeling empowered! Progress, not perfection. We will dive into a few resources that you can start using right away, including free resources online, wonderful books you can find at the library and even a few good documentaries. 

October 19 @ 12-2pm- Home

In this session, we will dive into all the areas of our home where we can start to make some safer swaps. We will walk through everything from cookware, cleaning products, air quality, laundry, garden and more. Again, with a heavy focus on making one small change and building from there. I will share my tips for where to begin as well as some great DIY solutions. You will leave with either a DIY cleaner or something similar you can use right away at home. 

November 02 @ 12-2pm- Food

We all follow different ways of eating and in this session, we will talk less about that and more about food quality and healthful ways to shop for food, including my tips for ways to save! I will talk through what GMOs are and what to look for to avoid them. I will share when it is best to try to opt for organic foods, foods that are lower in pesticides that you don’t need to worry as much about. We will talk about sugar and how it is a sneaky thing! You will learn tips for how to spot it while shopping. I will also talk about healthful drinks and more. In this session - I’d like to show you how to make a super clean, from scratch item that you can take home! 

November 16 @ 12-2pm- Personal Care Products

From toothpaste to deodorant, body lotions to shampoo, unfortunately our personal care products are woefully unregulated. The last time a federal law was passed was in 1938 governing the personal care products industry. That legislation is only 1.5 pages in length. Here in the U.S. we have only banned or restricted 30 harmful ingredients from our products, while the E.U. has banned 1400. There ARE solutions! I know it can be tough to know where to start - and I have some great tips here! Remember, one small change at a time then build up from there. I will share with you some of my favorite safer brands and ways you can save! In this session, you will get to leave with a few samples of my favorite safer products. 

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