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Finding the Fire

I've always been one to think about the future and imagine what it would look like. I had dreams to see the world...and have a good life. These are things I would later learn to be intentions for my path, my life. And each one came true. I've seen many beautiful things in this world...and I have an amazing life. I had a fire in me that wouldn't stop...and I was excited to go and do and be and learn. The fire never died.

Until about 3 years ago. At the time I would have said I made a mistake. I took the wrong path. But looking wasn't the wrong path. It was preparing me for many things. While I can now look back on some of it and see it as a positive...the one thing I never thought I'd loose was my fire. And I lost it. Like it just didn't go to a small hazy was ashes. Some would say it was emotionally and mentally abusive (it was a job...just to be clear!)...others would say it's normal in corporate america. Call it whatever you killed every ounce of fire in my being. I just stopped caring.

It's been 14 months since I left that job...and honestly...looking back it was preparing me for COVID-19. And here's where I'm at today...

  1. I'm tired of waiting. For someone else to tell me how or what to do. I never waited why am I now?

  2. I'm exhausted by the community energy in the air. So I'm DONE with living in fear, exhaustion and a constant sense of helplessness.

  3. I have to make my life my priority. No-one gets to tell me when to do something, how to act, talk, look or be without my consent.

  4. I believe I am enough.

  5. My body is a temple...and while I've had my moments of