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Week 3 Yama - Asteya - Non-Stealing

This week is all about Non-Stealing. You might say...I would never steal! That might be true of physical things, but, have you ever thought about the things you steal from yourself (health, time to workout or meditate) or things you share about others that may not be yours to share? These things are also stealing...they just show up in a more subtle way.

This week use this meditation to help remind you of where you might do this and when you notice it just pause. Acknowledge this moment and ask..."Does this enhance my life experience or does it diminish someone else?". If you need a moment to reground when you find yourself in this space, use our intention for this week of "Honor the place that I am today." Recognize you are doing the best that you can and these moments are just here to help teach us to do better, be kinder and speak things that are true and ours to share. Notice where you feel this the next time you recognize what's going might sense that you have a little drop in your gut or a sense of regret or shame.

Acknowledge what you feel...BUT DON'T LIVE IN THAT FEELING. Be gentle with yourself, your body and what is showing up for you. Give it gratitude and use it as a tool for change and growth rather than shame and fear. Please remember these Yamas can be a lot when we start to unpack them and how they show up for us. Please have grace with yourself and be kind. If you sense an emotion coming up spend some time writing/journaling about it and being present with what you feel. If you need to ask for someone's forgiveness, do so in a way that is kind and not about you...make it about the specific situation and anything you have grown to recognize. Take a few deep breaths and know that you got this.

* Disclaimer: We do not espouse to be any form of therapy or therapists. We share this meditation as a mindfulness tool. Please check with any therapist you might be seeing currently for permission to practice this Yama.

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