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Kate has her Ph.D in Curriculum, which broadly can be defined as the study of human-created systems. Kate has studied the evolution of human consciousness and understands that feminine energy is stepping forward as the driving force of human evolution.

A year after earning her Ph.D, Kate experienced a profound, sudden, and irreversible spiritual awakening. This happened literally overnight so that, all at once, her old life became unrecognizable to her.

Seeking to make sense of this shift, Kate spent the following three years traveling the world, writing and studying metaphysical and mystical arts with teachers both known and unknown. She sought out new modalities of healing that reach beyond the constructs of material reality. On this journey, Kate discovered a natural affinity with shamanic healing, Heart Imagery and Reversing. She receives many healing visions, images, and experiences in meditation, during sleep, and while interacting with others.

In the final year before founding Books of Eden Publishing, Kate traveled the world, living in a state of almost unbroken solitude. In this time, Kate drew forth two books: The New Eden: Paradise Retold, and an unexpected book- a memoir, Finding Home.

Kate, after unsuccessfully trying to explain her work (and life) to people using traditional frameworks of understanding, realized that her work was truly sui generis and demanded that she establish a new shelf in the library. She did this by founding Books of Eden Publishing and creating a new genre: Pedagogy of the Divine. These creations are her way of translating the workings of the divine in our lives. They offer an expansive home for the visions messages, and insights that come to her from a place beyond reason and, simultaneously, from beyond doubt.

Kate collaborates with people and organizations who are frontrunners of this shift in human evolution.

Kate teaches, holds workshops, and is at work on her next book, the story of Myra, which will be the first installment of her new series, “Tales from the Archives.” She is also a regular contributor to the Sedona Journal of Emergence with her column, “Transmissions of Living Wisdom.”

Overall, Kate believes that this world we live in is far, far more magical than we currently understand. She believes that humans are truly unlimited beings capable of creating anything at all, effortlessly, joyfully, and with grace. She intends to live this truth to the fullest, and invites you wholeheartedly to join her.

Katherine Newburgh

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