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While the 3rd edition of AutoCAD in 1983 only had a "dear Sir" copyright message on the first page of the ReadMe file, the software was officially released on December 27, 1984. Version 5.0 was released in November 1987, but was not widely available for purchase until November 1988. This version saw a significant revision of the software's user interface. The first release of AutoCAD 2000 (then branded as AutoCAD 2000: Design Edition) for Windows-based personal computers in May 1989 included the first GUI to allow the user to change object properties and draw features. AutoCAD 2000 has been in continuous production and has been upgraded in several versions over the past 20 years, with the most recent version, AutoCAD 2013, which was released on March 6, 2013. Version history Features The early versions of AutoCAD did not provide all features found in later versions. In particular, the first release of AutoCAD 2000 did not include the drawing commands found in AutoCAD 2002. However, AutoCAD 2000 had a more robust two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) workspace than the first release of AutoCAD 2001. In the early years, AutoCAD also lacked features that were later implemented, such as 2D blueprint and tolerance specification. The CAD Software Configuration System feature, which manages system settings, had been implemented in AutoCAD 1988. Version 2001 Version 2001 (released March 4, 2001) introduced a 3D modeling environment to facilitate the creation of 2D draftings and the import of 2D CAD files. This version introduced a set of comprehensive parametric design features and added a 3D environment, among other improvements. It also included several new user-interface features, including command buttons and toolbars. Although this version was made available only to CAD professionals for a fee, users could export design files in the DGN format for free. Version 2002 AutoCAD 2002 (released August 8, 2002) incorporated several advanced 3D and 2D CAD features, including parametric modeling, and an improved geometry engine for 3D modelers. The software's support for both design and engineering was enhanced in this version. Version 2003 AutoCAD 2003 (released June 30, 2003) saw the release of several new features, including a tabbed



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Autocad 2009 Crack Xforce 26

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