About Us

Buka is Sanskrit for Hummingbird. This particular Sanskrit word also means Laughter. Hummingbirds hold a level of awe and wonder for me. They flit and fly through life in such a graceful way, all the while not knowing how beautiful their feathers are. I believe laughter heals all wounds and in some small way, I believe hummingbirds laugh their way through life. From one flower to another. So it seemed fitting, that this beautiful practice of yoga should honor both things in one.


Welcome, to Buka Yoga.

Our teachers are highly qualified instructors. We focus on alignment, breath and connection of mind, body & spirit. Join us for a studio class in our beautiful studio space, or on a retreat. We have such an amazing community of Yogis. The first time you set foot in our doors, you'll feel like you are home. And although a physical space to practice is important, we believe in sharing this beautiful practice with our community. Whether it's through donation based classes in a park, or yoga 101 at the library...we want to offer you as many times to practice as we can. Have an idea of how we can support your community event? Reach out to us at brooke@bukayoga.com.