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Castle Rock Yoga Studio | Buka Yoga 

Looking for a boutique Yoga Studio in Castle Rock you can call home? Buka Yoga is just the place! We offer traditional hatha yoga. Come join our community where the minute you walk in the door you'll feel like you've part of our family your whole life! Curious what Buka means? It means laughter in Sanskrit. Something we believe strongly in...laughter and connection. 


We are not into the fad yoga classes with high energy music and weights. Buka Yoga Studio in Castle Rock, is an independent yoga movement... powered by a strong community of yogis...yogis looking for more than just a yoga class. We've been part of the Castle Rock community for over 3 years and truly can call Castle Rock home. We are offering all of our classes in person at the studio and through LIVE streaming. 


Our teachers are highly qualified and passionate about what they teach. No class is the same, we allow our teachers to create classes based on what they practice at home. You'll find an array of types...all focused on connecting you to your breath, your body and spirit. Many of our teachers have been part of this community (and many are small business owners!) for multiple years...starting as students before becoming teachers. At Buka Yoga we provide alignment based classes in the form of Hatha yoga. We believe in the power of self healing and offer a variety of practices to help you along the journey through Breathwork, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Ayurveda, Energy Medicine Yoga® and workshops.   

We love supporting our Castle Rock Yoga Community! Look for us around town and come stop by for a class. We know you'll feel at home the minute you walk through our doors. 

~ Namaste~ 


New to our studio? 

Try 4 classes for $40! 

Welcome to all students! 

Student reviews: 

"I have enjoyed each class that I've been to. I appreciate that each teacher spends the time to know your name before the class starts, are kind and personable throughout, all have great playlists :) and I never feel rushed to leave immediately. I love that the space is a bit darker. It feels relaxing and cozy in the studio. I appreciate that the classes begin on time and that the front doors are locked at the start of class to ensure a peaceful, uninterrupted flow."

"This is the only studio I've been to where I feel comfortable in my own skin and don't feel pressure to practice in any way other than my own. I am confident that friends and family would feel the same." 

Yoga Nidra w/Brooke- "Brooke your Nidra is like an oasis in the middle of the day. It’s a time to reconnect with the real me and to nourish my soul. I leave feeling grounded and refreshed. I’m in touch with myself. It reminds me of what is real, true and authentic. Your presence is also real, true and authentic. Thank you!" 

All Levels Flow w/ Danny- "Class with Danny was amazing this morning. The practice was very grounding and she kept us all engaged in the moment. Namaste"

Gentle & Energy Medicine w/Claire- "A wonderful class that stays with you all day. Claire is a great instructor sharing her knowledge of energy medicine. Absolutely terrific experience."


"Loved this gentle practice! Claire is a wonderful teacher and will show you how to tap into your energy systems to get them working together. Beautiful!"

All Levels Flow w/Jeanette- "I really am liking this new class. The idea of burning off what we don't need and the imagery of a burning field before new crops are planted - loved that and focused on it throughout class. ❤️"


All Levels Flow w/Brooke - "I love the encouragement to push just to the edge. Not too far but farther than I would on my own. Brooke is encouraging and fun."

Gentle Yoga w/Gail- "Gail's class is a great way to unwind from the week and begin the weekend. The words "and breathe" always come as I'm holding my breath. I believe this defines art imitating life. 🧘"


Hatha 2 w/ Brooke- "Brooke’s practices are always well thought out and challenging. I look forward to this one each week!"


"Laurie’s class is just what I need to feel energized for the rest of the day. Her flow sequences vary each week and she uses interesting transitions to keep it fun."

"Nicholas gets me moving with mobility exercises, stretches, sun salutes and other asanas in this practice. The pace is perfect for starting my day off with energy and focus!"


Buka Yoga Studio | Location

723 North Wilcox Street

Castle Rock, CO 80104

We are only open during class hours. 

See class schedule here

All yoga classes offered live-streamed as well! 

Yoga Mats

What do I bring? 

Bring a mat, water bottle and any props you want from home. We are sharing our props now and clean after each use. 

Buka Yoga | Classes.jpg

Class Packages

Click here for package options

All packages are good for all Yoga Classes (online & in studio). All passes expire (minus the intro package- 3 months) after 6 months. 

Our unlimited packages include a bring a friend for free pass each month! 

Front door

Mat Cleaner

Love our mat cleaner?! Haven't used it yet? We have towels and cleaner at the back of the studio for you to use after class. Want to make it at home? Here you go! 

1/4 cup Witch Hazel

1/4 cup Water

10 drops lavender oil

6 drops tea tree oil


What do I wear? 

Yoga Classes: Wear loose fitting clothing, preferably breathable material. You do not wear your shoes in the studio space. 


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