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Grit and Grace Yoga Teacher Training 

Welcome to this amazing journey of learning more about this practice of yoga. The title of our program, Grit and Grace is aligned with the concept of Yin and Yang, Sthira and Suca...the balance of pushing ourselves forward and finding grace in stillness and introspection. 

This program is something we are honored to share with you...pulling from our own experiences in our 200 and 500 hour teacher trainings (and many other certifications) we have combined theory with science...finding balance in teaching poses and how to teach a class along with deepening your own practice an understanding of why you practice yoga. 

This is for anyone seeking doesn't matter if you want to teach...the 200 hour program is designed to answer the questions you've been seeking, give you the tools to teach a class and connect back to your inner self. 

What does the Grit and Grace YTT program entail? 

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This 200 hour program will start with an immersive weekend where we'll get to know each other and open with yoga theory and history. We'll meet for 14 weeks every Wednesday evening and all day Saturdays, with a few weekends off for holidays. 

You will learn from some of South Denver & Castle Rocks best yoga instructors. You'll gain knowledge and understanding of not only the basics of yoga theory, but also the subtle energy bodies, deep dive into anatomy and alignment of poses, yamas and niyamas, meditation and so much more. 

We'll wrap up our time together with an immersion weekend and graduation. Come join other like minded humans on this incredible journey of self exploration, breaking down intrinsic barriers, tapping into your innate inner self and growing into who you are meant to be. 

Your Teachers


Brooke Page-Thompson, ERYT 200, YACEP & owner of Buka Yoga

Join Brooke as one of the lead teachers as she brings meditation, Yoga Nidra, sequencing, balancing the nervous system and the ethics of yoga. 

Brooke achieved her YA 200 hour certificate from ONE Yoga in 2017. 

Meet Brooke


Amanda Conti, ERYT 200, RYT 500, YACEP 

Join Amanda as one of the lead teachers on yoga theory, anatomy, sequencing, contradictions and chanting. Amanda achieved her YA 200 hour certificate from Jeanie Manchester in 2016. 

Meet Amanda


Sara Knetemann, ERYT 200

Join Sara as one of the lead teachers as she brings perspective on breath, sequencing, cueing, yoga posture flow, yamas and niyamas and integration into life. Sara achieved her YA 200 hour certificate from Kindness Yoga in 2015.


Meet Sara 


Chest Cavity


We'll cover major joints, muscle groups, contradictions and pose alignment. 

Reviewing the Law

Yoga History

Using our guides B.K.S.Iynegar, Desikachar, Yogi Desai, Bhagavad Gita and many more to understand yoga history, theory and application. 


Subtle Energies

Explore the nervous system, polyvagal theory, chakras, nadis, koshas, meditation and Energy Medicine as a guide to understand the body. 

Yoga Mates


Learn yoga poses, cueing, practice, practice, practice to get into your body and feel the alignment all while building community with fellow students and yogis. 

Your requirements

Yoga Studio


We will require 95% attendance to complete the program. We will have zoom options if needed. Should you miss more than 95% of the program additional considerations will be discussed. 

Writing a Diary


You'll have weekly homework assignments from meditation, practicing theory of the 8 limbs and yamas and niyamas, journaling and personal practice. 

Yoga Practice


You will be required to participate in at least 40 hours of personal practice at the studio (either online or in person). You will receive a free unlimited membership as part of your tuition for the program duration. 

Praying Together


We will require every participant to hold the yoga traditions in how they live in the community. This includes themselves and in how they interact with their fellow participates. Holding space for others as well as yourself will be highly encouraged. We have a zero tolerance harassment policy that will be followed. 


Dates we'll meet: 

August 15-18 Immersion weekend

December 13-15 Immersion weekend

Wednesdays from 5:30-9pm

Saturdays 8am-4pm

August 15-18                September 4, 7               October 2, 5                       Oct 30, Nov 02                    December 4, 7

August 21, 24                September 11, 14          October 9, 12                    November 6, 9                    December 11

August 28                       September 18, 21          October 16 & 19- OFF    November 13, 16              December 13-15

August 31- OFF            September 25, 28         October 23, 26                  November 20, 23

                                                                                                                                           November 27, 30 - OFF

On the Desk

Complete our application

We'd love to know more about you and why you are interested in yoga teacher training. 

Please complete our form and submit your $250 application fee (non-refundable). We'll let you know within 7 business days. We will not review applications until payment has been made. 

Online payment for shopping on e-commerce platforms



If you are approved for the program, your $250 application fee will be applied to your tuition cost. 

Take $200 off if paid in full at registration.

Included in this cost: 

Unlimited Yoga during the duration of the program at Buka Yoga

200 hours of instruction time with lead teachers


*cost of books not included

*payment plans available

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