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5 Reasons to Give Group Meditation a Try

by Yvette Costa RYT 200 & Yoga Therapy 500

Meditation. Seems to be the new buzz word in the world today and a badge of honor to say when we are most stressed we “Meditate”. While meditation has a lot of benefits, we don’t really talk about what it is intended to do. Did you ever think that meditation is a form of connection? To yourself and to others? Too often we think we have to meditate for hours on our own…but have you ever thought that maybe group meditation for a few minutes might be as beneficial as on your own? Let’s explore why…

In our busy, internet and tech connected society, it may seem like we’re always with or around other people. But if you actually look at how much time you spend alone, you may be surprised. Science has shown that relationships with others are a big predictor of longevity, and our pseudo-connections today (Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat!) don’t count.

We all crave connection, to self and to others. It is a part of our human nature. In the Indian spiritual tradition this connection is called ‘satsang’: