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Week 4 NiYama- Svadhayaya

This Niyama is all about self growth/self education and the understanding that we are honoring the Divine in each other when we learn together from a place of love and respect. Not our normal contemplative meditation, this one is using a mala and mantra (if you don’t have a mala- it’s Ok! ).

We’ll be using a great mantra from the yogic tradition- Om Namo Bhagavate Vesudevaya. Meaning “I bow to the Divine”. We’ll be doing a full mala or 108 rotation mantra repeat on this one. Find a comfortable spot and space you feel safe to practice in. You can say the words outloud with me or silently to yourself if you are at home with other family members that might be distracting. We will start and end with an AUM (OM).

Come back to this chant anytime you need/want it! Pay attention to how you feel after you go through one round…especially if you are speaking the words outloud. There is power in vibration and chanting…activating the Vagus nerve…this type of practice will leave you feeling lighter and more connected. Notice how many times your mind wanders and yet you keep the chant.

Just be the witness.

Check out this weekly meditation here.

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