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What is Energy Medicine Yoga? (And why you will probably fall in love with it)

An Energy Medicine Yoga class is an opportunity to how to work with your own invisible energy systems (think aura, chakras, meridians, power points and neurovascular points).

Lauren Walker, the developer of Energy Medicine Yoga, says, “The main principle of Energy Medicine and Energy Medicine Yoga is that dis-ease, whether of body, mind or spirit is a result of an underlying imbalance of Energy. Energy is all there is, that is all we are, simply energy vibrating at different frequencies. Therefore, if we can balance the energy, we can bring balance and overall healing, to the various systems of the body, bringing about wholeness, ease, and health.”

I fell in love with this practice immediately because it offered effective ways, that I could feel in my body, to quickly bring me into a neutral, grounded and relaxed state. This special yoga practice has also taught me how to protect myself, through work with the Aura, from taking on other people’s negative energies (I call this energetic pollution!). It’s powerful stuff for anyone, but especially for those who identify as empaths and/or highly sensitive people.

Below are 3 more reasons you’ll want to check out an Energy Medicine Yoga class.

1. You Get to Learn How to Communicate with Your Energetic Body.

You’ll learn how to listen and communicate with these energies through physical touching, like massaging, thumping, tracing, smoothing and holding certain points on the body.

Our bodies “talk” to us in many ways including in the language of pain. When we feel pain, that’s the body’s way of telling us that something is “off” and we should pay attention.

As an example, I get a recurring pain in my upper back that likes to travel up my neck. This will get triggered when I’m taking on more responsibility than I should. It is my body’s way of saying, “hey, pay attention over here!”