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Buka Yoga | Castle Rock Yoga & Cycle| Cycle Classes

What better way to increase your fitness than with Cycle Fusion…the high-intensity, no-impact, choreographed traditional (no weights) indoor cycling (spinning) class now being offered at Buka Yoga?! Each class in unique, focusing on form and having fun while increasing your heartrate. New to indoor cycling? Not a problem! Traci walks you through the bike set up, form and breaks down the drills for you to try at your own pace. Hate the drill? Hate the song? Good news…it ends in about 3 minutes! With each class, you will feel the strength you’re building, not only with your body, but also in your fitness level. Classes are small – no more than 10 riders – so the atmosphere is less intimidating, allowing you to enjoy personalized instruction to help guide your ride.

HOW IS INDOOR CYCLING (SPINNING) DIFFERENT THAN REGULAR BIKE-RIDING? The spin bike is fitted with a 38-40-lb weighted flywheel, which is utilized with resistance to increase your strength, while building cardiovascular ability. No, I can hear the shrieks now…. your thighs won’t balloon into massive tree stumps. You will build lean muscle in your lower body while also toning your upper body because it is used for stabilization while that lower body is working.

FUN FACT: A vigorous indoor cycling (spinning) class can burn up to 740 calories in one-hour!

If you’re tired of starting over, stop giving up! Cycle Fusion is here to help you meet your fitness goals, no matter your age or fitness level. Come join the FUN, become FIT, feel FIERCE….YOUR RIDE AWAITS!

Sneakers required – or clip in bike shoes. Padded biking shorts are highly recommended!

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