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Buka Yoga Studio | Planting seeds

The last 2 months has been a whirlwind of adventure. Buka Yoga Studio has been officially open since July 06 and what a beautiful journey it has been! Lots of lessons early on, lots of opportunities fulfilled and lots of seeds sown. The gift of summer is always something to cherish as we get outside, feel the sun on our skins, the warmth of the air and the excitement of trying something new.

I recently stopped to write down all the things I did this summer as part of our community marketing and man was it so gratifying to see the work. But then I had a moment, that was a lot of work....why am I not seeing every person in Castle Rock break down our doors?! I'm not gonna lie, there were a few cloudy days where I had a feeling of frustration and thoughts of why bother?

I had to stop and really think about why these feelings were creeping up. And remind myself of all the positive things already starting to come from all that work. I then had to stop thinking of it as work, and rather, as planting seeds. We planted a lot of seeds this summer. And the thing with seeds is they each take their own time to grow. Some will grow fast and others will take time, and maybe need a few food boosters along the way! If we try and rush a seed it dies. If we don't allow it time to find it's own way to grow into a plant above the earth we'll end up with a dormant crop.

So true is our yoga practice. Some days the seed inside grows and nourishes our soul, provides us the strength to endure a tough day/life/spouse/partner and find gratitude for our practice. And some days it's hard to remember the seed is there. We can have feelings of anxiety, fear, depression, sadness....mere feelings we experience in this life, but sometimes so intense we forget that with clouds there will always come the sun.

Remember this...the seed inside you is yours to take care of. We are all lights in the world and maybe today's interactions with others will provide that small glimpse of sun to their cloudy day...allowing their seed to grow. And if you are having a cloudy's ok to not be ok. Reach out and talk with someone. Find something to give you a glimpse of sun and then when your cloudy day turns sunny...share it with someone else.

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