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Cycle Fusion | Why I cycle | Buka Yoga Studio in Castle Rock

Written by Traci Wilson, Cycle instructor @ Buka Yoga, owner of Cycle Fusion LLC

Cycle Fusion came about when I needed a positive change in my life. However, let me back up to my history with spinning. Sports, lifting, running, fitness classes, you name it, I had always been active in fitness. Fitness was something that I had always used to de-stress, to achieve personal goals, to maintain my body while eating whatever I wanted (although, those days have long become a thing of the past as I age). I tried my first spin class when I lived in Washington. After an hour-long class, a pool of sweat and a triumphant feeling that I had accomplished something great by staying with the instructor’s cues, I was hooked (admittedly needing to invest in some padded biker shorts to accommodate some aching body parts!).

Jump to 15 years later and living in Castle Rock, where the nearest spin class was up at Lincoln Avenue (a good 25-30 minutes from my house), I decided to start my own company in order to bring the spinning experience to Castle Rock. This journey has provided me with so much in return through the people I have met through the classes. People that had never tried a cycling class, people that are recovering from an injury, people that are needing an emotional lift as well as the physical one, people from all walks of life that not only touched my life but also forged friendships with other people on the bikes.

Cycle Fusion has also provided me with a lifeline that I grasped ahold of after a serious car accident that I was involved in and sustained serious injuries that changed my life. It was the bike that enabled me to recover quicker due to the fact that there was no impact on my damaged joints, it was the goal of teaching again that fueled my fire to keep moving forward when I was down or struggling to grasp things that I had to relearn due to the brain injury.

Every day is different in the aftermath of the accident and that is something that I’m learning to deal with, however the enjoyment that I feel when I get back on the bike, whether I am teaching or just riding for myself, is what propels me forward, it’s a joy that I like to share (my clients LOVE when I say I’m sharing my joy with them!).

Just as with anything, indoor cycling classes may not be for everyone, however if you’re wanting to try something new or you’re looking for a small, spin class in a studio that has an amazing community of clientele, I invite you to join me on the bike.

Together, we can achieve whatever you’re needing. And we can provide support for each other along the journey.

Your ride awaits….Fun. Fit. Fierce.

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