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Have you ever been told...set your sankalpa at the beginning of a yoga class and thought...what on earth is that? And what do I do with it? Well, I don't know that I asked those questions per se, but I've been asking a lot about that lately as I'm learning about Yoga Nidra and what an intention really is. More on this in a later post....but I am learning a few things about my Sankalpa.

I love to teach. I love to hold space for others. I love connecting others. And I have only taught 3 Yoga Nidra classes in the last week, but I love teaching Yoga Nidra. Tonight I was honored to teach a dear friend and her son. And as they were breathing and counting, I felt this energy of the bond a mother and son have. And I was reminded of the inner Self. The one we connect to each time we enter meditation, prayer, yoga nidra. It's the source we are all connected to. And it's powerful. When you find it, you want to keep coming back. That is the practice of yoga, yoga nidra, prayer, belief, our life connected.

I am also learning all about small business (good and bad!), continuing my Ayurveda journey (completion still the end of this summer!), teaching mat classes, hosting retreats and living my life to the fullest. I also recently learned how to resuse wall fragrance plugs with essential oils. Interested in finding out how to do it in your home? Check out this amazing blog by A Pretty Fix

I believe a Sankapla can be a powerful tool. I'm not quiet sure how to share this with you, but as I learn through the journey, I will be sharing with you. Because as I learn, my hope is that I share it with those that are ready to learn. When the student is ready, the teacher appears. May we all be students and realize when it's time to be teachers. Much love my dear friends.


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