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I can remember growing up in the 80's and 90's hearing oil and butter and anything with fat was bad for your heart. Bad for your skin. Bad for everything. So, we cut it out. And we learned to have a fear of these fats. Fast forward 30 years later, and we're hearing how much our diets should include fats like moderation of course. So as I completed my Level 1 Ayurveda training in June, I wasn't surprised at all to come the realization that Oil...basically fixes everything!

This isn't a blanket statement like the dad on "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" stating that windex fixed everything...even acne! This is a realization statement that if we listen to our bodies, watch the weather and just notice what we need...oil may indeed be the very key to fixing things.

Ayurveda...let's start there. It's an ancient Eastern medicine practice that focus on self healing rather than medication. It looks at the elements of the universe (water, air, ether, fire, earth) and how they organize in the body (fire, for example, is our digestion...heating up our digestive enzymes to transform food into nutrients to earth/mass in our bones). Each of those elements relates to a dosha...Pitta, Vata and Kapha. Everyone has all 3 doshas...but one may have more dominance in the body. Each dosha creates the individuals constitution...or make up/organization of the body. If you're curious about your constitution...go take the free test

There is a lot of information to we're just going to focus on Vata since it's also Vata seasonally. Vata is made up of air and ether.'s light, dry, mobile, rough, clear, subtle and cold. Think of the body...when we're exposed to windy conditions, dry weather what happens? We get rough skin, subtle body changes (we don't even seem them happening until they're there) and cold hands/feet. If you have a preference of Vata in your constitution, you might find fall a very unnerving time of year. Windy nights can lead to anxiety, anxiousness and confusion. An unsettling feeling. Dry day