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Updated: Apr 8, 2020

The last time I wrote on this topic it was January 16, 2020 (go check out my previous post) and we were just gearing up for the new year. Only 7 months after we reopened as Buka Yoga we were doing some pretty amazing things and our community was growing! Fast forward to today, April 07, 2020 and we are all now quarantined to our homes due to COVID-19. We're going on week 3 of all classes being streamed live from our teachers homes and our daily routines upended and challenged. Many of you are exhausted from the sheer amount of information coming your way. And the craziest thing of all of this is...every single human in the world, every small business, every big business, every family, every kid, every school...every human is going through this. Together.

Just let that sink in for a moment. We've never had anything in our lifetime where the impact was so globally reaching. And nothing that has ever challenged our mental health and ability to process information. The wave of emotions for some comes hourly...and others it's every few days. We are all wondering if this is some crazy version of the movie "Groundhogs Day" with Bill Murray.

So...where are you in all of this? How's your yoga practice going? Did you find your studio closing with little answers as to how they were going to continue to support you during this time? One day I'll write a book on all of this and what transpired from the night we received the closure information to the next morning taking all of our yoga classes online...and the impact it has had on our community and our students. We always knew the power of our community...we had no idea how the bond had been formed for many that have moved away and now have the chance to practice with their favorite yoga teachers again.

I'm writing again about online yoga...because we were literally forced to go there or close our doors. It is different to teach from your home, to practice from your home (for many of you going to a studio was your break and reprieve from the real world).'s such an amazing gift to still teach and practice with you. What an amazing thing as a yoga teacher to be leading students through this unprecedented time. I am grateful that our community is able to still practice and see each other, even if on a scre