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The Yamas and Niyamas…Non-Violence, Ahimsa

We kicked off this week with our 10 weeks of the yamas and niyamas- the way we treat ourselves and others. These are the foundations of how to live life to it's fullest...basically the 10 commandments of yoga. They seem so easy at times, but when you really sit with it for a moment, you realize how it's actually not so easy.

Why is that? Because we're human. Failing and doing things wrong sometimes is just part of life. None of us are perfect. In fact, the more you explore the yamas and niyamas, the more flawed you realize you are. I say this not because it's meant to bring shame on others or...oh look you did it again. It's more of a recognition that more we see ourselves in the moment we're in, as we are, we can see there is always some place we can do better, give ourselves grace and love others where they are.

I heard on the "Hypocondriactor" podcast this week (no affiliation) with Deepak Chopra, that if we can instead of judging someone through the lens of are they someone I energetically want to spend time with to recognizing they are doing the best they can in that moment based on where they are. We learn to love ourselves where we are and learn to accept others where they are...because we are both doing the best we can in this moment of consciousness.

And so, we kick off our 10 week with Ahimsa. Non Violence. At the heart of this is love...and the best place to start is with how we choose to treat ourselves, our bodies, our thoughts.

This meditation gets to the heart of loving ourselves as we are, using the intention of "I am grateful for this body."

Use this when you need a little boost...or a reminder, to love yourself for where you are right now. It's the best you can do in this moment, and it's perfect.

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