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Week 3 NiYama- Tapas

This week it's all about fire. Tapas is our 3rd Niyama. It literally means to burn, blaze, shine, suffer pain or consume by heat. Often in a yoga class we mention tapas as the heat we build in our bodies during a flow class that help move impurities out of the system. It's GOOD to build some heat and move things out!

There are 3 types of tapas

- Body (kayika)- which ties to non-violence of ourselves and others (linking back to Ahimsa)

- Speech (vachika)- speaking king words and always speaking the truth

- Mind (manasika)- mental awareness and the ability to stay calm and tranquil at all times and in all situations. The ultimate of self control.

Start with something small this week...and remember. Take your time with yourself. This journey is a powerful one and so if you've been seeing shifts or changes in your own body, practice, and relationships trust the process.

Check out this weekly meditation here.

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