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Week 2 NiYama- Santosa

This Niyama is about finding contentment with where we are in this moment in life. It's hard to be content when we're pushed to do more and achieve more. Life just keeps moving and pushing and driving us to think of all the things we need more of. This Niyama is a reminder that if we can be content with what we have, we become content with the life we have. And if we are content with the life we have, we find moments of stillness in our day to day life to appreciate each moment as a gift.

If you find something you are not content with, change your view of that situation and think on what it would be like if you were content with whatever it is. How does it change? How does it feel in your body? By letting go of that expectation of it needing to be different, what space do you create for something new? Even if in that moment you just pause and find contentment in your breath, you may find your mood changes.

This week when you find yourself not content in a situation or with someone else pause and repeat to yourself "I am content". Close your eyes and repeat this mantra and notice the shift in the body. One breath at a time.

Check out this weekly meditation here.

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