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We love community

"There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about." – Margaret J. Wheatley

I grew up in the church. My family is a lineage of ministers, missionaries, youth pastors. I was surrounded by community. Even as an adult at my grandfathers funeral, I had people walking up to me saying they remembered me as a toddler, walking around the church or an accomplishment my grandfather doted on...even though I had no idea who they were, they knew who I was. At times it was unsettling, and others comforting. It was nice to know that there were others in my world that understood what I was taught and I respected where they came from.

Fast forward to our community at Buka Yoga...while we're not a church, many of our philosophies follow a similar pattern...we honor where each other comes from, we create space for individuals to heal and we create a community atmosphere that supports relationship with others.

So what does community mean to us?

  1. We support each other with respect and honor...wherever you are.

  2. We support our community around Castle Rock...donating time and money every month. Even if you can't come to the studio, we hope to meet you somewhere where you are.

  3. We welcome anyone and everyone.

  4. If you need a space to cry, we hold that space for you. If you need to release energy, we hold that for you. If you need to just be...just be.

  5. We offer chances to join us in the studio or online. Because we've learned in the last 3 years that not everyone wants the same experience in the studio. So we'll be keeping our online options for as long as we can. In effort to support you where you are.

We will always support you as we can. Because without you, we don't exist. Thank you for trusting us with your practice, and for being part of our community.

Much love,


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1 Comment

Thank you so much for providing this community and the opportunity to take care of ourselves in such a diverse and nurturing way. I am so grateful.

Beth Long

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