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Week 1 NiYama- Saucha

This week we're focusing on Saucha, or cleanliness of body and mind. This can take on a lot of things...from the way we eat, to the types of food we purchase (ethically raised/treated/processed), how we clean our bodies, the movies/shows we watch, the music we listen to, the way we talk to ourselves and to others. All of these things can have an impact on our ability to notice how we are treating ourselves.

When you stop and remember your body is a Divine temple, housing a beautiful gift, your spirit/soul, you might just notice that you are more likely to treat it with respect and kindness than with judgement. For this week, Use our intention/mantra of "My body is the temple of the Divine." I invite you to rather than trying to change anything this week, to be the observer of when you notice patterns or behaviors popping up.

Just observe. Don't try to change anything. The more we try to force things to change, the less likely they are to. The more we observe and reflect on why, the more space we create for it to no longer have a hold on us, but to gently and graciously leave in its time.

Check out this weekly meditation here.

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