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Week 2 Yama- Satya- Speaking our truth

This week we're tackling Yama 2, Satya. It means truth and truthfulness. Speaking our truth can be hard...we often marginalize what we have to say and when it's hard or emotional can often withhold our truth in order to protect.

Being Truthful takes many forms...and it's important to remember when we speak our truth to do so in a way that is compassionate and with grace for ourselves and others. Speaking your truth doesn't mean to make others feel bad and should only be done if what you have to say helps. We have to know when to speak and when to hold for another time.

Use our intention this week of "I allow myself to speak my truth so that I might find my true self" anytime you find yourself in a situation that brings about an emotion or reaction where you might not have spoken your truth before.

Click here to use our meditation and intention for Satya.

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