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What COVID-19 has taught me

Amazing to think it's been almost 2 months since we were mandated to close the studio and figure out a new way of yogi-ing. Honestly the first month was a complete blur. The last few weeks....a settling occurred. We were into our new norms, understanding life would never go back to the same, and for now we just saw each other on-line.

As I watched the yoga world around me...I have to admit I was curious, perplexed and a little in awe at the decisions made. What seemed such a simple thing had morphed into something much bigger than that. Going on-line was a no-brainer...but I had been groomed for this for years. I've lived my life remote, digital, global for the last 15 years. Using technology wasn't a problem. Helping others learn to adjust and adapt to it wasn't that hard (who hasn't heard of the change curve?!). It was hearing of other studios not really sure what to do. Watching teachers go rouge and teaching for practically free through Facebook, Instagram...YouTube. Feeling this sense of grief in what a studio will go through when their teachers do their own thing. Seeing both sides...if the teacher needs work and no longer can work, they have to figure it out on their own. For the studio that built the platform of students for the teacher to tap into. Seeing a barrage of pain, anguish and confusion.

And in that...a light of hope.

Our community has been amazing. You have so touched my heart in more ways than one. You not only adjusted to yoga online, you keep your commitment to your practice. And it's become more apparent than ever the last few have saved each and every one of your teachers.

I know for myself teaching the last 2 months has kept me grounded and connected still to this community. It's been hard to teach from my home. Without the shelter and warmth of the studio. It's forced us all to adjust. It's also been a moment of saving grace...even in the midst of chaos, I am reminded my practice is so much more than for myself. My dedication to teaching my students in their journey has been paramount. And now more than ever, I can see how the practice of yoga allows us the space to let go, breathe and release what we no longer need. Even if we for now are not in person...seeing your faces online gives me hope. It reminds me why a year ago I started this journey to open the studio.

We've been able to pay our teachers...some of whom lost other jobs in the process of closures. We've welcomed old friends...and new ones from literally across the globe! My vision of a community without borders and not just inside our space has literally appeared overnight.

Keep finding space. Thank you for your support. And know that when we reopen...we will have an even more beautiful outlook on life and our community. Thank you for being our Home.

~ Namaste~


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