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Why going on a retreat saved my life

Retreat. Oh that's where you go to do weird things and chant and spend all day meditating. That's what I thought before I went on my first retreat in 2015. That was before I found myself at rock bottom struggling to deal with people, my job, my life That was before I realized religion didn't have to fit in a box like I'd been taught my whole life. That was before...

My first retreat was with a friend in Portugal...she was already booked to go (she lives in London) and one night I realized I needed a break. Like a real break. Where cell phones didn't exist, where there was time to think and be and listen to my inner voice...where someone else took care of me...mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. I needed a new perspective and some answers to a reoccurring problem I was having with was challenging me to be more.

I booked my ticket and showed up...having never practiced yoga before (well, maybe I tried a few classes to understand the poses, but let's just say it was maybe 4 classes...and on an app for 25 minutes...this was in 2015, so apps were just coming out and it wasn't ideal!). Let's just say my whole world changed. I was inspired by these yogis that had been practicing for years and what they could do...I was humbled by what I thought was strength was really just a physical expression of working out...I had no idea what it meant to connect to my breath, to be in my body and to allow myself to FEEL something. My body ached from the practices but I felt SO GOOD. My internal chatter turned from chaos to better understanding of why. I had the deepest connect to "God" I'd ever had (I grew up in the church, my grandparents were missionaries and long standing pastors...and at one point I thought I was gonna follow in those footsteps... guess I did just in a different way...) in savasana one day and goodness. Is this really what it's all about? To be connected to others, to the deeper self within and to feel and be in life? I came home with answers to things I needed clarity on, with a deeper understanding of my purpose and a LOVE for this practice of yoga...the whole practice, not just the asana...and my life was forever changed. Thank you Flo, for being the conduit and guide necessary to help move me into something greater.

Since that retreat I have been on many more...and have hosted over 12 women's retreats over the last 7 years. Why? Because I believe in the power of going away, being open and just living IT'S TRANSFORMATIVE.

Want to know my 3 reasons retreats are so powerful? Check out more in our video below...and join us for our next Nourish retreat in 2023 in Costa Rica.

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