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Why I don't do beer or wine yoga events

It's the new fad in yoga now.

Let's do a class together at a brewery or winery! Yes, they do have some amazing spots and beautiful views...and there is nothing wrong with doing a class in beautiful venues.

They are beautiful...and most likely include a drink afterwards, which I am not condoning this at all...I partake in the vino frequently...but I don't believe in combining it with yoga.


Because many of our students have struggled with addiction...finding yoga as a solution for chronic pain, PTSD, addiction and so many other things. Recognizing I don't know your story, or want you to feel obiligated to do something you are currently struggling with, I have been pretty clear that as a studio we don't do events that promote or tie specifically to things with Alcohol. If you choose to partake with friends after a class is over we celebrate with you (and I might join you!)! Just don't look for us to do an event with a brewery or alcohol centered idealogy.

I want everyone to feel safe in our doors...and I know many of us struggle with addiction. So if you find our studio a safe place, know we are committed to providing you with a safe place within our walls. On retreats we honor where you all are and so if you do...great! If you don't...great!

We welcome anyone who wants to join expectations.

Find your balance...find your transformation. We will be the safe confines to do it within.

In love,


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