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Buka Yoga | November is the month of gratitude

Today is the first day of November. And I can't believe how fast time has flown by this year. As I sat in my morning meditation and reflection, I was thinking of how amazing the last 5 months have been. And I had an overwhelming sense of gratitude. For our students who have been part of our community for years, and for the students that are finding us. Buka Yoga truly has an amazing group of yogis...and in this time of the year where we start to focus on gratitude and thankfulness, I wanted to stop by and say Thank You.

In our yoga practice we learn to let go of things that no longer serve us and focus on the present moment. The present feelings and thoughts. Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed with everything we need to do, bills we need to pay, people we need to please. And we forget to take the time to make sure we're nurturing our own hearts, minds and souls. We forget to take a moment and be grateful for our OWN bodies. These beautiful, amazing pieces of matter that allow us to have this experience here on earth. What a gift we've been given to have this moment, right now, in our bodies. Sure, you might want to look different, change something, loose weight, have a tan...the list can be endless! But what if you just stopped and said a small prayer of gratitude to your body for all it does. Without you having to do anything. A small prayer of gratitude for everything you have. For your family. For having enough.

Rather than focus this month on what you have to do to get through the end of the year, find moments where you can just stop, and be grateful for what you already have. Blessed beyond measure. If we stop looking at what we "should" have (a nice house, a big car, more money, the perfect xxx) and just acknowledge what we already have...maybe we start to see we truly do have enough.

Let your mantra this month reflect the simplest of prayers...I am grateful. And watch abundance begin to appear...because you have welcomed it into your life.


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